I’m Back / A Big Announcement!

First off I am going to apologize for the lack of posts and communication on here. I could start listing excuses, but to be completely honest I have been really enjoying my summer and wanted to keep it that way without stressing about posting. But don’t worry, posts will now continue as normal every Sunday with a few random ones just for fun, and I am so excited to be back into the groove of things.

Other than being completely and totally busy, I obviously decided to vamp up my blog which took some time consuming meetings and decisions, so I wanted to keep posts on hold until everything was situated and ready for you all. I hope the changes are all beneficial to your viewing and makes your time on my little space on the internet more enjoyable.

As for the big announcement, if any of you follow my instagram (which you can view here) you will know I have now opened my very own etsy shop. I sell all kinds of various things from home decor to watercolor artwork, and cannot wait to see your responses. You can view the shop here and also scroll below to view some of the items that will be featured there. Be sure to give my store’s Instagram a follow: @grownwithgrace.goods!

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