Back to Kindergarten

A couple weeks ago, me, my cousins, and siblings took a walk back to the park we grew up going to our whole childhood. We would ride our bikes and scooters and race to see who would get there first. Memories of playing family, restaurant, and tag all flashed through my mind as we slid down the slides that used to seem so much bigger than they are now. This made me so sentimental. So much has changed in my life since peeing in the bushes and hide-and-go-seek. All it took was ten years to make those diaper days feel so distant and I can’t imagine how much different things will be in just ten more years. I am constantly looking back at my life and remembering or looking forward and hoping, and I realized that I never really enjoy moments as they’re happening. I forget that things that happen in my life every day will one day turn into the memories I miss and reflect on. Returning to places like these are such a good reminder to fully enjoy the present as it happens… to get of the phone, check social media later, and focus on the people and places right in front of me. Because, they won’t be here forever.


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