A Little Taste of Summer

One day over spring break my family and my aunts family decided to take a beach day and roast hot dogs, play beach soccer, and just swim and chill out. It was probably one of the best days I have had in a while. Goofing off with my cousins and playing soccer with them in the sand brought so many smiles to my face and I truly did not want it to end. My boyfriend tagged along a little later and it warmed my heart to see him play with my little cousins and make memories with them. We sat around the campfire when it got dark and all talked, roasted marshmallows, and sang along to the radio playing. It was such a moment of bittersweet emotions realizing how much my life could change in just the span of 5 years. Days like this won’t last forever and it was a surreal moment for me. A lot of times I take moments like these for granted, not realizing how blessed I am to have them. I think a majority of times I am in a mindset of thinking nothing will change moments like this but, in reality, I will be graduating next year, and I will move out, and get married one day, and start a life of my own. Its really a freaky thought. I just hope and pray I don’t take these moments for granted any longer and I start to be so grateful for them, but at the same time not get depressed when it comes to thinking about change and new beginnings. Change is good, and it will lead to more moments than I can ever imagine.


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