Berry Picking

It’s been a while since I last posted and I apologize for that. My life has just been non-stop crazy and I got super sick two weeks ago. I didn’t go to school for a while and I spent many hours lying in bed unable to do anything. The doctors said it was nothing but a weird virus but I’m just now starting to feel better. Anyways, apologies for not being so active, but I’m back and posts will now resume as normal with some extra Wednesday posts to make up for being gone so long:)
The pictures below are from my outing to the strawberry fields in Carlsbad with my friend Sierra. It was a perfect not-too-sunny day and the wind was just enough to keep us cool while picking out the perfect strawberries. It was fascinating seeing the rows and rows of strawberries waiting to be picked. We picked away in our mud-covered shoes and laughed at our constant obsession over the cute little berries. After all the laughs and berry picking we drove to the coast and ate our berries on the sand listening to the waves. Days like this make me hope for summer so much more. I can’t wait for endless days of spontaneous adventures and no schedules like this one.


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