Just Talk It Out

 When I’m just having a bad day and I need to just talk or cry or get out of the house, breakfast is definitely the way to my happiness. Also having my best friend live a mile from me and a coffee shop walking distance from both our homes is a huge perk. It had been a while since I had done something with Hannah and life had been so emotional and chaotic that we both needed to just get together, relax, and be in each others company. We got to talk about life and God and just what we saw for our futures and it felt so good to get it all off of our chests. I’m not the kind of person at all to openly share my feelings with people all the time and talk about things in detail. I had just held so many emotions inside for so long and it felt nice to have someone like Hannah to just listen and guide me and pray with me. Knowing I can trust her and tell her how I’m feeling without judgement or one-sided opinions means a lot and I highly recommend you find that someone in your life as well. Having someone to talk to about how you feel and things going on in your life that you may not talk about often is so much more important than you think. It could be a sister, a friend, or your mom. Finding those people who have your back when times get tough can mean the world of a difference to your happiness. Just talking through things with those people in my life help me learn so much and I need to do it more often. It makes me realize that no matter what may happen in my life, those people will always be there for me and they are all I truly need in this world. 

// Cafe Stoked Address: 1215 San Elijo Road, San Marcos CA, 92078 // 


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