DIY Succulent Terrariums

If you know me well then you know I have a crazy, wild obsession with succulents. They cover every square inch of my windowsills and dressers, and sadly I am not exaggerating. I had always seen on Pinterest all these adorable DIY terrariums and just had never done one so I thought it was time I did.  They are super easy to make and perfect to have around the house, or to give as a gift!


1. First I chose a selection of succulents and cacti to use in my terrarium along with some glass bowls or jars. I did three different sizes and shapes of jars but any variation will work (Michael’s has a great selection of jars, sand, and rocks).
2. I put rocks down in the terrarium first for decoration. You can choose from all sorts of different colors and styles of rocks.
3. Next I placed down some sand. Again any color or kind you like will work.
4. Next I added some moss on top of the rocks and sand to keep the soil in place.
5. Now I put the soil on top of the moss to keep the succulent in place.
6. Then I did the fun part. I got rid of all the excess soil from the succulent so it was just roots underneath and placed them in the terrarium. This part is my personal favorite because you can be completely creative with it and place all different kinds of succulents and cacti in fun and different places.
7. Give your terrarium a home. Whether it is in your home by a window with lots of sunlight, or given as a gift, your terrarium will be a perfect addition to any home.


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