Post-Christmas Emotions

These days following Christmas are always a mix of emotions. With a week of break still ahead and the New Year approaching it is nothing but excitement. On the other hand, Christmas trees are being taken down, ornaments are being put in boxes, and holiday candles are being stored away until next year, and it leaves me very emotional. Christmas came way too fast this year and before I know it, it will be here again and so much will have changed. It is good to have these days to relax after all the festivities and relatives being in town and just focus on what is happening in the moment. Every time Christmas comes around so many things have changed in my life and things are just going to keep changing. So I especially love spending these do-nothing-days with my close family. Talking and laughing and just taking my mind off things with them helps me embrace the moment and have fun with my life as it is right now because it won’t be this same way forever. We spent the day at one of my favorite coffee shops in Oceanside and stopped by the beach because I am so fortunate to live in a wonderful city where any day is perfect beach day.


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