DIY Watermelon Popsicles

Since it’s Summer I thought I’d show you guys how to make a super easy and healthy treat to cool you down! These Watermelon Popsicles are super fun to make and taste great! If you want to see the video I made on how the make them you can check my Youtube or click the link right here or you can keep reading to see what you need and how to make them.

What You Need:

* 1 watermelon

* 1 Lemon
* Granulated Sugar
* Plain Greek Yogurt
* A blender
* Popsicle molds (I got mine at the Dollar Tree for super cheap)

How To Make Them:

1) Cut your watermelon enough for 3 cups
2) Cut your lemon in half
3) Add 3 cups of watermelon to the blender
4) Add 1/4 cup sugar to the blender
5) Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice 
6) Add 1/2 cup of the plain Greek yogurt
7) Blend it all together until it’s liquified 
8) Pour the blended watermelon into the popsicle molds
9) Put the molds in the freezer for 6 or more hours
10) Take out of the freezer and enjoy!

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