Propagating Succulents: Week One

I have been obsessed with succulents for quite some time now and I saw online the other day that you can grow your own from the petals! Of course, this got me extremely excited, and I decided to try this on my own. So I plucked some petals off of my succulents and placed them on some dirt in a pot. You have to make sure that when you take the petals off of your succulents that you get the whole petal. None of the petal should be left on the stem you took it from. I’ve watered them once in the first week and won’t have to again for a month or more. They don’t need a lot of water in the beginning, but once you start to see roots growing then they might need some more watering. So, this is what they look like on week one and I will keep you guys updated on their growth in the weeks to come!


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